Grasstops & Grassroots Advocacy

Changing the way Capitol Hill sees you

Why are fly-ins mission critical?

When it comes to getting influential lawmakers to hear you, there’s only one way to do it right: personal, face-to-face meetings.

A Legislative Hill Day, curated exclusively for you by Bramer Group, expands the breadth and depth of your voice. Most importantly, your organization presents a powerful “strength-in-numbers” visual.

We amplify your presence.

We do the heavy lifting and consolidate all the planning and execution of your Legislative Hill Day so you can focus on running your business. We advise on the most impactful schedule of events, and monitor registrations to ensure key Congressional Districts are represented. We craft effective advocacy messages and produce marketing materials on your behalf so your issues breakthrough all the noise. We garner the backing of crucial public policy influencers so your cause is considered by Congress.

We make it work.

Bramer Group successfully promotes large, medium and small Fly-ins and also one-on-one engagement. Not only do we handle all of the logistics but, more importantly, our team prepares your organization, and your Fly-in teams, for your Legislative Hill Day. Bramer Group trains all participants to make an impact, with the best methods that are guaranteed to influence lawmakers.

What People Are Saying

“Working with Bramer Group enables us to bring our professional expertise to the Congress. Don and his team understand how to navigate the complexity of the Federal procurement process and their trusted relationships help them deliver results.”

“Few understand the actual degree of complexity in navigating the hallways of the Federal government the way Don Bramer does. With his team’s collective 100 years of experience, the guidance they have provided has proven to be a wise and invaluable investment for us.”

“We chose to partner with Don and his team at Bramer Group to expand our presence. Exceeding our expectations, the team not only delivered prompt short-term results but also continues to cultivate valuable new relationships for our company and our suppliers. Don and his team are skilled at building connections that deliver growth, exposure, cost savings, and success for their clients.” 

“We rely on Bramer Group for their solid counsel and relentless energy in communicating our role in the community and importance to key decision makers.”

Ready to plan something?

There are many good reasons to team with Bramer Group as your organization prepares to storm Capitol Hill, and very few to the contrary. Even the most effective leaders have difficulty mastering the mazy machinery of modern government. With the expertise and support of Bramer Group, the success of your Legislative Hill Day is far more likely.



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