Aaron Childress

Managing Director, Digital Communcations

Aaron Childress served in the United States Marine Corps infantry from 2001-2005 finishing his career with Golf Company, 2nd Marines. After leaving the Marine Corps, Aaron developed a media representation company designed around athletes, entertainers, and brands. He has developed and produced multiple broadcast television commercials and episodic programs along with thousands of media projects ranging from interactive media to social media campaigns.

Adding to his media representation, Aaron began working in public relations as a college baseball coach where he crafted a new athletics narrative that was a leading force in clearing 7 million dollars in debt through new enrollment and alumni donations. From there, Aaron moved to the world of television where he worked with veteran service, defense, and conservation organizations to raise money through dispersion of their message to a national and often global audience.

Through all of his building, many organizations, brands, and individuals owe a portion of their current success to Aaron’s methodology and strategy.



901 D Street SW, Suite 920, Washington, DC 20024