Adam Taha

Senior Policy Analyst, Middle East

Adam G. Taha has been working in the Intelligence Community as either a staffer, servicemember, or contractor for the last 17 years. His primary responsibilities included providing, managing, researching, developing, and presenting highly classified products to senior political leaders, expeditionary missions, and international partners. He had the privilege of working alongside our Chairman, Don Bramer, in Iraq between 2004 and 2006. His field experience included insertion into highly hostile areas such as Mosul, northern Syria, Libya, and other places to ensure that any tasked mission was successful. Most recently, he had the privilege of briefing senior White House officials on Middle Eastern emerging threats. In addition to his intelligence analysis and linguistic experience. Adam fluently speaks several Arabic dialects, is considered a Subject Matter Expert on Middle Eastern and North African politics, geopolitical affairs, terrorism, and social behavior.

Academically, he earned a Master’s degree in information security, and an MBA from Penn State with a concentration in Engineering Leadership & Innovation Management.



901 D Street SW, Suite 920, Washington, DC 20024