cap3The Bramer Group (BG) was formed with more than 40 cumulative years in federal, military, intelligence and political arenas. BG combines an intimate knowledge of the Defense and Intelligence Communities with a keen political insight into the Congress and the Executive Branch.

Through this extensive background, we know it takes more than having a good idea to create a success. Success is achieved by finding the right balance of business development, management and gaining the support of our elected officials. None of which is possible without having the right image to portray your organization and its goals.

Our team eases the apprehension of finding this balance by offering our unique blend of services. We arm our clients against misrepresentation; identifying residual risks and illuminating critical information prior to and during the decision execution.

As a premier boutique agency, The Bramer Group provides highly personalized, surgical and cost effective service to our clients in Washington DC, and beyond.

For whichever Hill you Storm . . . the Bramer Group.